Our Programs

Our caring and qualified team of Early Childhood Educators provide age appropriate program planning that promotes children’s physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social and creative development along with their well being. Well balanced meals are planned and offered to children that are of nutritional value and are reviewed by a dietitian. Children’s individual needs are also being met i.e. vegetarian, food restrictions.

FLC uses the Ministry of Education’s How Does Learning Happen (HDLH). Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years and Early Learning for Every Child Today(ELECT), Toronto Children’s Services Early Learning and Care Assessment for quality Improvement (ELCAQI)  as a guide for our curriculum and program. We ask parents to bring children before 9am (programming starts at 9am) to ensure they are able to participate in the most educational parts of program.

Our Educators view children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.


A time for coming together and sharing ideas. A time to develop a sense of the whole group. During circle time, children spend time reading, singing and learning about the calendar as well as participating in various activities related to learning experiences and/or topics of interest. Children learn to listen to others and gain confidence speaking in a group


A play area where children are given an opportunity to use their imagination. This drama center is converted into many different themes (doctor’s office, grocery store, hairdressing salon, school bus etc.). This center helps children develop their creativity, language skills, communication/social skills, decision-making and negotiation skills among a group.


In the block area the children have access to a wide variety of props and blocks with which the can build, create and explore concepts. Block play helps develop gross and fine motor skills and allows children to experiment with space, size and shapes. It also develops decision-making, social skills, language skills and independence.


This area offers children daily experiences with a wide variety of materials and accessories. Spontaneous cognitive and manipulative learning experiences occur throughout the day to enhance cognitive development. This is an opportunity to create, design and form individually or in a group setting.


A cozy and inviting environment is created to enjoy books.  An opportunity for children to enjoy a large variety of books that include multicultural/diverse books. Children are able to retell stories and situations with accessible props for example felt boards, puppets etc. Rotation of the books allows children to get a large variety of topics and interests.


A time for children to enjoy listening to a variety of different musical rhythms and to foster language development, an awareness of rhythm, self-regulation and self-concept. This special activity promotes enhancement in music, encourages children to be exposed, appreciate different types of music as well as makes them aware of how music is played and created.


We offer independent experiences through different mediums for children to promote creativity as well as self-expression. Children have the opportunity to use the arts and crafts shelf independently in order to encourage individuality and self-esteem.


This is an excellent area for children of all ages to experiment with their five senses and enjoy different activities. Materials used reflect sensory, science and nature which encourage children to explore through cause and effect experimentation and observation. Continual exposure to these materials and experiences allow children to learn more about their environment.